Advocacy against Alcohol and Drugs harm is at the core of our work at Blue Cross Kisumu specifically as it concerns children and youth who are the most vulnerable. Studies have proven that early onset of alcohol abuse at childhood increases risk of lifetime dependence. Child and Youth led advocacy is tailored to encourage young people’s participation to take up change and own their future. Using the Six Steps Approach adapted from Child to Child UK, young people are able to mobilise each other within their schools and communities to map out challenges, plan and take up actions to protect themselves and their communities. The children & youth have used dance,art campaigns,posters,music, rap and walks to address child right violations,sexual and gender based rights, leadership and mental health among other issues affecting young people. Children&youth have engaged duty bearers to hold them accountable.

We advocate for the development and implementation of Alcohol and substance use prevention and management guidelines in primary and secondary schools in Kenya by providing training,guidance and support throughout the process.

Our advocacy work also targets the full implementation of the County Alcoholic Drinks Control Acts. We mobilise civil society organizations,state actors and other stakeholders through forums, training, conferences and courtesy calls to review gaps on the implementation of the acts in different counties. In Kisumu County, we tabled a petition  in  the Kisumu County assembly to enforce laws that safeguard children especially by invoking the provision to keep alcohol selling points far from learning institutions and also avail funds to the department to provide public education in alcohol harm to the public.