Life Skills

Alcohol consumption in sub – saharan Africa is on the rise, as manufacturers see a promising new market with a young population, financial growth and poor alcohol regulations. Over the last 10 years, Kenya has seen a rise in incidents related to alcohol misuse, such as domestic violence, road accidents, and increasing economic unproductivity. Children are increasingly exposed to the effects of alcohol consumption at home and in the community. They are also aware of the increasing availability of options; there are liquor advertisements on the way to and from schools, and there are even reports of schools sharing buildings with a bar. Despite laws to prevent underage drinking, alcohol use among youth under 24 is increasing.

We have developed a children and caregivers  life skills manual that we  use to conduct sessions to children, youth and caregivers in schools and  communities as  means of alcohol prevention. We believe Life skills are best acquired in small groups where there is an exchange of ideas, testing out new ways of thinking, behaving and increasing individual participation. Our life skills programme targets vulnerable children and youth living in difficult circumstances (Poverty,Orphan,Addicted Caregivers,conflict situation, living on the street, living in informal settlements), their vulnerable situations currently and in the future demands that we build the resilience of children through various activities related to self -esteem, communication, decision making, problem solving and setting future goals.