Hilda Shanic 11years old

My behavior and performance in school improved after joining Blue Cross and undergoing Life skills session are live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Benard Okoth 10 years

I was a very shy boy when I joined BCK.Through life skills session, my confidence was boosted and I later realized I had leadership skills and my fellow club members elected me as their group leader.

Mitchell Wendy 14 years

I almost dropped out of school because my father was a drunkard and he spent all his income on it. His drinking habits also resulted to domestic violence and this affected me mentally. BCK facilitator intervened and through several Life Skills sessions and family therapy sessions, he stopped taking alcohol and we are now a happy family.

Cynthia Achieng 16 years

Life skills education empowered me a lot. My confidence and self-esteem improved.

Elizabeth Atieno 10 years

I was experiencing PTSD after witnessing the murder of my uncle and this made me loose all hope in life. Life skills session and therapy helped me cope with my emotions and start seeing good in life. Through the club activities in also discovered my singing talent and BCK helped me nature it.

Elvis Amanaka 15 years

I left my home and went to the streets of Kisumu because of peer pressure. Street life was an adventure to me until I took part in BCK street program. They made me realize that living without the care of anyone was very difficult.

Brent Isaac 13 years

It is my plea to all parents to abstain from alcohol and drug use because it is the root of domestic violence and broken marriages.

Kevin Matayo 15 years

I lived and worked in the streets of Kisumu for almost 6 years. I ran away from home in fear of being punished after being accused wrongly. BCK helped me re-unite with my family after joining their street program. My father was very happy to see me and he promised to take me to a vocational training where I could do masonry.

Yvonne Akoth 17 years

I discovered my leadership skills and also my self-esteem was boosted after joining BCK and undergoing life skills. I am now able to address my peers and local leaders on matters alcohol and drug use.

Whitney Atieno 12 years

BCK has given me a platform to talk to my fellow peers and the community on matters children’s rights and child abuse. My only happiness will be to see my community and friends live a healthy and drug free life.